19th edition

of SFI IT Academic Festival


19th edition


About SFI

Academic IT Festival is an international conference organized since 2005 by students, for everyone. Each year in Cracow we gather IT-enthusiasts from the entire country along with people passionate about informatics, regardless of their profession.

The conference annually hosts distinguished and well-known guests from the entire IT environment. The participants have an unique opportunity to listen to the lectures given by those amazing people and take part in workshops to develop their practical skills. Diversity of the topics allows everybody to find something interesting. It is rare opportunity to meet lots of experts face to face in one place and learn from them.

The festival gives you a chance to share your knowledge, views, opinions and more, with people with similar interests. It lets you become more aware of the IT world, make new connections, meet interesting people, expand horizons.

And the best part is – it does not cost you a thing!

Financially speaking, it is absolutely free. The only ticket you will ever need is passion and interest.

Three days, over a dozen of lectures and lot of speakers. All that for thousands of satisfied participants and uncountable amount of gained skills, positive impressions and emotions. That is what SFI is all about. This conference is one of a kind, organized year after year by students, for students.

You cannot miss this!

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