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17th SFI IT Academic Festival
17th edition cover

17th edition


The other side of the coin - automatic analysis of malicious Golang binaries

Edition: 16th SFI Academic IT Festival

Date: April 15, 2021, 3 p.m.

Type: Lectures

Category: software development

Language: English


Go programming language is on the rise. It's ease of development, first-class support for concurrency, superb compile times and relatively good performance allowed Golang to gain a lot of traction amongst developers all across the globe. The language has also lured in quite a few malware writers. There are good reasons for that - not only does it's standard library resemble a swiss army knife, but also Go's internals differ quite a bit from other mainstream languages. All that is giving the malware analysts a hard time. The gist of this talk is to give you an idea about internal structure of a Golang binary and differences from other programming languages in the context of automatic binary analysis.

50 min


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