In search of the Holy Grail | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

- 2020 |
16 edition 2020

In search of the Holy Grail

Type: Lecture
Speaker: Konrad Kamiński
Language: Polish
SFI Edition: 15

In search of the Holy Grail - asynchronous programming in the imperative style in Kotlin


Over the years, we had a choice – either we program in the imperative style, accepting to limit the scalability of our systems resulting from the use of a large number of threads, or use asynchronous programming with the indispensable functional approach.

In Kotlin we can find the Holy Grail – we can program asynchronously in the imperative style.

How to do this?

How does it work?

Are there any restrictions?

In this speech, we will try to find it all out.


The lecture is designed for people who have minimal experience in writing code in object-oriented languages.