IT specialist - a profession or a skill? | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

26 - 28 March 2020 | Auditorium Maximum UJ
16 edition 2020

IT specialist – a profession or a skill?

Type: Lecture
Speaker: Jan Tadeusz Duda
Day: 18/03/2020 time: 10:15
Class: SFI Enterprise 1.38
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: Polish
SFI Edition: 15

IT specialist - a profession or a skill? - Remarks on the social responsibility of IT specialists


Lecture agenda:

  1. When does “programming” constitute a job, and when solely a skill?
  2. Information and communication technologies vs professional IT and programming skills.
  3. What verifies the correctness of the programmer, and what – reliability of software? Responsibility for the effect of programmer’s work.
  4. Qualities of a good programmer: awareness of fallibility, moderation in setting oneself tasks, respect for standards, willingness to constantly increase one’s knowledge.
  5. Intellectual availability as a requirement of growing in IT jobs
  6. The role of soft skills – teamwork and documentation clearness; respecting meticulosity from the very beginning of work.
  7. Final remarks: can an IT job give you life satisfaction – including its material component?