UX Design from programmer perspective | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

- 2020 |
16 edition 2020

UX Design from programmer perspective

Type: Lecture
Sponsor: Qualtrics
Day: 28/03/2020 time: 12:00
Class: Aula Duża A
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Polish
SFI Edition: 16

Mobile App design while thinking of a user - UX Design from programmer perspective


The world of smartphones changes users’ habits and expectations. Nowadays, an application must be not only functional, but also easy to use on a small screen and with one hand. Many companies are hiring UX Designers or Graphic Designers to design the user interface, however, programmers also play a significant role in how the mobile application will ultimately look like. Even the most beautiful piece of software can be uninstalled instantly if it loads data for 30 seconds.

During the lecture I will try to talk briefly about important things to pay attention to when designing mobile application screens and what to ask the designer if we receive ready-made graphics.