Speech recognition | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

26 - 28 March 2020 | Auditorium Maximum UJ
16 edition 2020

Speech recognition

Type: Lecture
Speaker: Bartosz Ziółko
Company: Techmo
Day: 18/03/2020 time: 12:45
Class: Pathfinder 2.41
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: Polish
SFI Edition: 15

Speech recognition used in a company that processes sound


The main area of ​​Techmo’s activity is the implementation of business solutions in the field of speech technology and natural language processing. It’s on the market since 2013. Techmo was created as a spin-off in cooperation with AGH in Cracow. Our team consists mainly of scientists and IT specialists who combine research passion with its practical application in various areas of life. We are specialists in the field of sound and speech analysis, but also enthusiasts of modern technologies used in computer games. Despite our academic background, we understand the needs of modern business well. The world is driven by change. In order to keep up with the changing reality, business has to receive solutions ahead of its time. Techmo provides such solutions. Techmo cooperates with a number of institutions and non-governmental organizations, being a participant in the public debate on new challenges related to speech and its digitization. These include: PwC, Kosciuszko’s Institute, RWTH Aachen, Hokkaido University, Medical University of Bialystok, Lekta, Ernst & Young, Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation, Stanusch Technologies, Fundacja Siódmy Zmysł.