Håkon Wium Lie | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

- October 2020 |
16 edition 2020

Håkon Wium Lie

Come from: Norway
SFI Edition: 15

About Håkon

Håkon Wium Lie proposed CSS while working with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in 1994, and developed CSS with Bert Bos at W3C. In 1999, Håkon joined Opera Software as Chief Technology Officer, a position he held through the browser wars of the 2000s. He is also the chairman of YesLogic, which makes HTML-to-PDF-by-way-of-CSS converter.

In 2015, Håkon sailed from Lima to Easter Island on a balsa raft, making sure the world-wide web is truly world-wide.

He owns an apple orchard which received the prestigious award for being Norway’s best in in 2018. He has always liked organ music and recently became the owner of pipe organ  orkshop.

He holds a Masters’s degree from MIT’s Media Lab, and a PhD from the University of Oslo.