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18th SFI IT Academic Festival

18th edition


16th SFI in October is cancelled

March 11, 2020


We’re sorry to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions we decided that 16th SFI won’t take place in October 2020.

But it’s not the end of our activities – we’ll hold some small events and record more podcasts. Stay tuned!

Previous update:

16th SFI rescheduled to October!

Yesterday evening (10.03) we made the decision to move the 16th edition of the SFI Academic IT Festival to 👉October 2020.

For the last few days we have been working hard to make sure that the Festival is taking place as planned. Until last week we expected to meet from March 26th to 28th. Unfortunately, in the current deteriorating epidemiological situation and the fact that many universities are cancelling classes and companies are switching to remote work, we decided that we cannot risk the health of our participants, speakers and partners. This decision is associated with financial losses, but we believe that at this point it is the best solution.

During the past 9 months more than 60 organizers – students of IT associations from 4 Kraków’s universities – tried to create for you the coolest IT festival in Poland. We had a lot of meetings, wrote thousands lines of code, exchanged hundreds of e-mails with speakers, sponsors and contractors, created dozens of graphics. All this will NOT be in vain, because we are going to meet at the 16th edition anyway – still this year!

We thank you for your support and your keen interest in our Festival.

If you want to be up to date with all news (e.g. new 16ht edition SFI agenda), observe our profiles in social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll try to prepare something for you that will make waiting pleasant!

See you at the 16th edition, already in October 2020!

Organizers of the 16.SFI:
– The Computer Science Students’ Association (Jagiellonian University)
– The Computer Science Association (Cracow University of Technology)
– Scientific Association i::team (Cracow University of Economics)
– Scientific Association BIT (AGH University of Science and Technology)

PS. In view of the many questions you have asked in recent days, we would like to remind you that the SFI is not organized by any university, but by students from 4 academic associations that have signed an agreement to organize the Festival together. We are assisted by the Students and Alumni Foundation AGH Academica, which deals with legal and accounting matters.

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