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16th SFI Academic IT Festival

- 2021 |
16 edition 2021

SFI podcast!

We’re locked up at homes, but we’re not idle! While you’re waiting for postponed 16th SFI, we came up with our own podcast channel.

Every week we’ll be talking with several types of IT specialists from Poland and overseas. They’ll share their knowledge and experience with us, and also give many advice.

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All episodes are also available below. We hope you enjoy them!

Podcasts in English

#9 How to water your plants with voice activated programs?

#4 Building satellites at NASA

#1 How work as an Environment Artist in Blizzard looks like?

Podcasts in Polish

#25 Are AI self-aware?

Intro and outro are in Polish, conversations with AI in English. Polish subtitles available on YouTube.

#24 What flaws happen during game development?

#23 Why do we need algae in space?

#22 How does the solar boat ‘fly’?

#21 How to create a perfect hackerspace?

#20 Pandemic at the university through the eyes of Dean

#19 How to make use of satellite photos during pandemic?

#18 Are Computer Science studies useful for programmers?

#17 Inside the SFI – Logistics Team

#16 Can a 13 kilobytes game be addictive?

#15 Inside the SFI – Speakers Affairs Team

#14 Should every programmer take interest in Deep Learning?

#13 How nuclear physicist who writes books about C++ discovered native culture of Oceania

1. The spectatle that was referred to at the end of the episode
2. Teaser of the movie recorded in the village during Mr. Grębosz’s visit

#12 Inside the SFI – Marketing Team

#11 How to write high quality code in object oriented programming?

#10 What’s frontend developers’ favourite wafer?

#8 How can you protect yourself against cyber attacks that have never happened before?

#7 Why to promote your game even before finishing it?

#6 Can you learn building space rockets only from books?

#5 When a programmer should start a business?

#3 Is it a good idea to start learning websecurity from hacking?

#2 Which web framework is the best to start with and why Hawaiian pizza?

If you have any ideas or comments on podcasts, email us at [email protected] 🙂