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16th SFI IT Academic Festival
16 edition cover

16th edition


Anna Chrobry

About me

Dr. Anna Chrobry is a physicist currently taken by her passion to space.

She has been a professional in the aerospace sector for the past ten years, with a specific focus on coordination of projects, studies dedicated to H/W and S/W development. Chrobry graduated the high school with honours – medal Boleslawa Prusa, and received Award of the Rector of the University of Science and Technology AGH for the remarkable academic record. After attaining a PhD in physics in collaboration with German Space Agency DLR, Chrobry worked for global players, including Airbus on the main projects such as ORION/MPCV and Ariane 5ME, Ariane 6 or Rolls Royce. In 2018 Chrobry joint a third prime in Europe OHB. Chrobry strongly believes that joining forces across Europe is crucial for the space sector to continue to grow. Chrobry long term mission is to inspire women to pursue a career in tech. Chrobry says she have chosen Germany as her new homeland, PhD destination, lured by the land of the great physicist Einstein, the composer Beethoven and the writer Goethe.

In the photo there are two dr Chrobry's projects: ORION i ARIANE.


Why did you decide to come to our festival?

Ah, this cosmos! 🚀 I am very happy with the invitation and I will be very pleased to perform in the city where I studied and tell you about my path ad astra, and even break stereotypes, encourage to cosmic dreams. In 2007 I organized conferences for physicists and I know that such meetings for students can change a lot. I really want to meet the young generation that has many possibilities that I could only dream of. I did not have such opportunities as now, when Polish students can go to ESA, CERN and YTG and do not need a student visa... Poland was neither in ESA nor in EU when I was studying.

Who is your role model?

Women who do not agree to the status quo. Space technologies, physics, IT are still a male world. - At Space Expo Bremen I met with my authority Candace Johnson, who co-founded the telecommunications empire SES. She showed me a picture of her first satellite launch... She and a group of men. That was 30 years ago. And for years invariably professor Sklodowska-Curie.

What book had the biggest influence on you?

I am a bookworm and from a young age I spent my free time with my nose in a book. As the twig is bent... In the third class of primary school I received from my parents the book "The World Around Us" with informations about the nature of the Earth, stars, planets and the exploration of the cosmos and international cooperation. In the note to the reader, the authors made a wish, if as a result of frequent return to this atlas you like the nature of this globe - so beautiful and fascinating - then you will certainly secure a place in this part of the human race for which our nature is expensive and worth protecting -geographic environment, even the fate of our planet... I have reviewed this atlas many times and studied the layers of the atmosphere and how to study the high troposphere, the low stratosphere, an airplane is needed. The fate of our planet is close to my heart, I studied environmental physics for this reason and then built a device that studies the processes of purifying the atmosphere high in the atmosphere aboard which was placed at the HALO research aircraft. But it was this short chapter about discovering space and international cooperation that made my imagination red. I looked at the pictures of Space Shuttle, Soyuz-Apollo, a joint flight of Soviet and American astronauts, the Voyager spacecraft and learned to recognize different types of satellites, communication or meteorological, and I dreamed...


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