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16th SFI IT Academic Festival
16 edition cover

16th edition


Kenneth F. Harris II

About me

Acknowledged by Forbes Magazine amongst the world’s youngest and most impactful individuals in the field of science, Kenneth is known for delivering thoughtful and dynamic leadership on programs of critical national and international importance. Since the age of 16, Kenneth has been involved in projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, totaling five satellites. Kenneth’s honors and awards extend beyond his professional service to recognition of his tremendous leadership in the STEM field and international community. A proud son of an Engineer Mr. Harris champions the importance of early STEM exposure and engagement. Reflected in his TEDx Talk presented to students globally, concerning the power of mentorship and guidance. Mr. Harris has also appeared as a featured keynote speaker at a number of professional events, conferences, & symposia.


What are your greatest failures?

My greatest failure would have to be failing my Materials Lab Course during my Junior year of Undergrad. I was taking way too many courses at once and did not dedicate enough time to studying for Materials. In addition, the class was just a lot tougher than I expected!

Development of which technologies in last years surprised you the most?

Electric cars! I choose this out of the dozens of technical advances because I recently purchased an electric car and fell in love with it. The second would be renewable electric propulsion, which is thought to replace fuel emissions for solar power on satellites and spacecrafts.

What during your stay in Cracow and on our festival are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to interacting with the STEM students. There are so many brilliant minds in the world that I love the opportunity to hear different stories and experiences!


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