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16th SFI IT Academic Festival
16 edition cover

16th edition


Klaudia Dobrogojska

About me

MSc in Computer Science from the Poznań University of Technology. Since childhood she has loved computer games, and since college she has been creating them, mainly in Unity. She works well as a game designer, level designer, graphic designer and programmer, she hasn't mastered creating music yet, but she is trying. She loves effective and simple solutions. Currently she is working on a retro-style platformer, "Pixboy".


What is the best pizza?

The best pizza is one that has a lot of chewy cheese prefereably on the top and in the edges of the dough. 🙂

What advice would you give to 19-year-old self?

Look around you more often for opportunities and don't be afraid to grab them.

Why did you decide to work in IT?

Working in the IT industry is interesting and forward-looking, it presents a lot of challenges, touches many areas, and its scope is so great that everyone can find something interesting for themselves.


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