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16th SFI IT Academic Festival
16 edition cover

16th edition


Maciej Dąbrowski

About me

Maciej has always loved computer games, and in the breaks from playing he won a black belt in the Olympic taekwondo and European vice-championship. After graduation he decided to become a hero of other people and create computer games by himself. He programs in Unity, currently he creates a retro-style platformer - "Pixboy". He reads more often than books.


What is your favorite text editor?

Notepad++ - a tool for everything ^^

What does gamedev programmer at night?

He's afraid he'll have to go to work in the morning and he'll be sleepy again...

Where do you get professional knowledge from? - mainly knowledge about the level of design and game design and the latest trends. The more technological things are Unity documentation, books and of course Stack Overflow 😉.


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