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17th SFI IT Academic Festival
17th edition cover

17th edition


Paweł Kusiński

About me

I professionally deal with penetration testing working as a penetration tester/ethical hacker for a company called Securing. I’m studying in the third year of Computer Science at Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications at AGH UST. I’m president of BIT Scientific Group at AGH and co-runner of web security workshops at this Group, earlier also co-runner of BIT Infra section (DevOps, administration). My job is to find and exploit vulnerabilities in various IT systems and also to cooperate with programmers in order to secure them, by consulting specific security measures or explaining possible risks.


Where do you get professional knowledge from?

I read various types of specialist websites and blogs - Polish and foreign. I try to constantly analyze public bug bounty reports (e.g. from the HackerOne platform), and apart from that I sometimes play in CTF competitions and visit a variety of conferences - Confidence, Security Case Study, OWASP Poland Day and others. Of course I also try to find some new bugs myself!

How will IT look like in 10 years?

All of us will be won by AI - and seriously I think that the technology will go forward, I count on the development of quantum computers and their more general use, thus also significant changes in security (mainly in terms of cryptography). Apart from this, increasing the comfort of life through more general access to technology (popularization of autonomous cars, popularization of smart homes) and computers launching the Witcher 3 on ultra.

What would you like to learn?

I'm very interested in embedded and low-level systems (systems, malware) - although I have some idea about it, I would even like to specialize in reverse engineering, analysis and writing fully undetectable malware or searching for gaps in protocols such as RFID or Wi-fi.