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17th SFI IT Academic Festival
17th edition cover

17th edition



March 13, 2022

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Hi! We’re u2i - a tech company comprising 66 problem-solvers with diverse skill sets in back end, front end, full stack, mobile, UX design and DevOps. We are a bunch of geeks who, by stroke of luck or divine providence, ended up working together every day solving problems. We don't believe in hierarchy, we believe in freedom and trust.

And we’re on the lookout for Software Developer Interns to join our teams in creating great products, hand in hand with our US/EU-based Clients.

But most importantly, we hope to find a true colleague and friend who’ll enjoy facing everyday challenges, striving for technical excellence and growing together. We’re seeking a partner who’s in for the long haul, not afraid to experience all the shapes and sizes of software development, and excited to master an array of skills needed to become a great professional and grow as a person.

Working at u2i

We look for people who are thinkers and talkers and get-stuck-inners. Who asks the right questions and who always finds a way. Who like a good breakfast (we’ll sort that out for you), who speak English and are keen to get better (we’ll sort that out too). And who wants to eat bagels and drink coffee in NYC every now and then.

Company culture

We are an employee-owned company, which means that you will have an actual impact on the company's actions and a share in its profits.

Also, we have incorporated many elements of a flat structure, so you won't have to work around any communication barriers or have anyone standing above you and telling you what to do.

And we’re hiring!
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