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Studenckiego Festiwalu Informatycznego


19 edycja


Blockchain, crypto, and all* the NFT

Edycja: 17. Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

Data: 15 marca 2022 16:00

Typ: Wykłady

Kategoria: security & blockchain

Język: Polski

kwadrat 17 sfi

Blockchain is affecting more and more aspects of our lives.

Blockchain, Crypto, mining and NFTs?!

As these are becoming household concepts, are you feeling that's something you would like to understand better?

Then this talk is for you!

I will cover the basic concepts: what are the blocks in blockchain, how is that different from a distributed database, and how and why does this affect graphic cards prices.

We will cover smart contracts - what are they, and attempt to answer if they can replace courts. Then we will look at applications, networks and use cases.

At the end, you should feel more comfortable with the area, and maybe with an idea worthy of a startup?!

There is more to Blockchain than Bitcoin!

Wykład odbędzie się w języku polskim.

Czas trwania
50 min