19 edycja

Studenckiego Festiwalu Informatycznego


19 edycja


Error Handling is Cancelling Operations

Edycja: 18. Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

Data: 31 marca 2023 14:20

Typ: Wykłady

Kategoria: software development

Język: Angielski


When we first learn how to write programs, especially how to handle errors, we are given lots of advice saying do this, don't do that. Sometimes with rationale and sometimes not, but it is often difficult to make mental model that would make it easy to understand why we are doing it this way and not another, and why we have to follow this and this rule. In this talk I will share an important observation: error handling -- be it error codes, errno, exceptions, error monad -- is about cancelling dependent operations. If we understand this, lots of recommended practices immediately start to make sense and become intuitive.

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60 min