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18th SFI IT Academic Festival

18th edition


Jakub Mrugalski

About me

A man who lives and teaches on the Internet. Programmer, administrator, podcaster and youtuber. Currently working as a pentester and trainer in one of the major Polish security companies. Specializes in the security of web applications.


What advice would you give to 19-year-old self?

Formal education is not as important as parents, school and friends tell you. In adulthood, it is only one of the indicators that define you, and it may go unnoticed in comparison to other skills you will develop in the future. Stay focused on developing useful knowledge and skills and always act with a vision of what you are aiming for. Absorbing more and more knowledge because "maybe one day this will come in handy" is just a modern way of procrastination. Leave the educational rat race and start acting.

What is your favorite text editor?

VIM. This is not the editor I chose voluntarily. It's like Stockholm syndrome. As a Linux administrator, I was forced by my surroundings to use it. I was tiring, complaining until I finally got used to it and I still use it today.

Why did you decide to come to our festival?

I believe that there will be many people at the festival who, like me a dozen or so years ago, are thinking about choosing their life path - which way to go and what to do after graduation. 

I would like to inspire such people with my passion for web security and programming in order to show them that these two areas can be combined and that these are really interesting branches of knowledge. 

Maybe somebody will become interested in the security industry and follow a development path similar to mine?

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