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16th SFI IT Academic Festival
16 edition cover

16th edition


Thiago Klafke

About me

I've been making art in some form or another for as far as I can remember, and videogames fascinated me from the very first time I grabbed an old Atari controller way back in the early 90s in Brazil. Looking at the TV was like looking through a parallel dimension, where virtual worlds came to life in my imagination. This passion for creating new experiences led me to pursue a career in the games industry, where I currently work as a Senior Environment Artist at Blizzard Entertainment, on the Overwatch team. I love cats, sci-fi and exploring new places and ideas. I'm very excited to be back in Kraków, I love this city, the polish people and the culture. I'm learning polish, so if you run into me, please correct me on my many mistakes! Dziękuję bardzo!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Cześć! Life has been so good to me, I really just flow with it and I know the best will happen. I've been branching out of my comfort zone and exploring many other topics, such as programming, game design and writing. My ultimate dream is to be able to make my own games completely by myself, that might be selfish, but the idea of complete creative freedom seems very appealing to me. And I also want to be happy, healthy and bring lots of love to the world, and who knows, contribute to the evolution of the human race!

Why did you decide to come to out festival?

I gave a talk at SFI in 2019 and I was blown away by the response. My talk was centered on video game art, and I was surprised at how interested people were. The crowd was amazing, engaged and asked very interesting questions. I also loved hanging out with the organizers and attendants. And lastly, I hope I can contribute to this beautiful festival with some of my knowledge! If I can be of help to even just a single person I'll be a happy man!

What during your stay in Cracow and on our festival are you looking forward to the most?

This will be my third year in a row in Kraków. I simply love this city. The culture, the architecture, the vibe, the people. There are so many things I love about it that it's hard to list everything. I can totally see myself living here at some point. I have also been learning polish, and though it's still very rudimentary and basic, I'm looking forward to "polishing" it during my stay :) I'm also looking forward to watching the other talks at the festival, I watched some very interesting ones last time! Do zobaczenia wkrótce!


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