Kinga Gaździńska | Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

16th SFI Academic IT Festival

- 2020 |
16 edition 2020

Kinga Gaździńska

Come from: Poland
SFI Edition: 15, 16

About Kinga

Software Engineer in Grupa Pracuj. Involved in the development of modern web applications with microservices-based architecture at Grupa Pracuj. Interested in searching for elegant solutions off the beaten path. Constant learner due to innate curiosity.


What have you always wanted to do but didn’t have courage/time?

Professionally – there are many such areas, among others, writing something in Elixir or Go, exploring topics related to Machine Learning…

Apart from programming – the list is even longer, e.g.: learning more foreign languages, psychology, great desire to travel (e.g. I would like to go along the Main Beskid Trail and ride a motorcycle in the USA).

How long have you been coding? What did your path look like?

First contact with the programming concept – the Comenius Logo. 😊 Then shy attempts to implement algorithms in C++ in high school. Professionally – I am mainly in the .NET world, as a programmer I have been working for 5 years. I’ve always been interested in topics related to infrastructure, recently I’ve also been interested in human aspects of software development (but not in terms of management).

What are your greatest successes?

Getting used to public speeches. Ability to confess to a mistake or lack of knowledge. Working on coping with impostor syndrome ( Developing awareness of the phenomena resulting from Bordieu’s Social Theory (

I recommend a short animation of Pixar to any person moving in a homogeneous environment –