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18th SFI IT Academic Festival

18th edition


Krzysztof Kluza

About me

Krzysztof Kluza is a member of the KRaKEn research group within the Department of Applied Computer Science at the EAIiIB faculty of AGH University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on the modeling and discovery of business processes and rules in information systems. In addition to his research endeavors, he also finds satisfaction in instructing introductory courses on artificial intelligence methods and intelligent systems to students in Computer Science, Computer Science and Intelligent Systems, and Social Computer Science programs. From time to time, he also hosts discussions with industry experts on contemporary technologies for Bunkier Nauki AGH's youtube channel. Beyond his academic work, he has served as the Secretary of the Board of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Association, and a Board Member of the Innovation and Creativity Laboratory Foundation for several years.

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